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What Is E-Hailing?

E-Hailing Refers to the Hailing of Services via Mobile Devices. These include  but are not limit too Taxis, Deliveries and Domestic Services. 

Who Are We?

SAEHA a Non-Profit Organisation created by Participants in the E-Hailing sector together with the Social Law Project (UWC) and NUMSA to Empower and Protect Participants from unregulated Platforms by Facilitate Inclusive  Participation and Development of Socially-Just Enterprise Through Ownership of Industry. 

Piece of Mind...

We know that the fear of being singled out and marginalised for voicing your opinion is a reality, this why we offer Anonymity, No one Needs to Know Who You Are. And should a Member be deactivated or suspended from Partaking on a Platform they have the benefit of knowing that they will be represented fairly and justly. Register as a Member to find out more... 


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Cape Town, South Africa